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Terms & Conditions

Affiliated Membership: Affiliated Membership in CAMU is good for one calendar year and is limited to those individual and companies whose services and products benefit the operations of our municipal utility communities and/or the mission of promoting public power in Colorado. CAMU reserves the right to deny membership to any organization or individual that does not meet this standard. If membership or conference attendance is denied, CAMU will fully refund any registration fees received either electronically or by check.

Affiliated Conference Registration: Affiliate Member Annual Conference Registration is limited to one registration per member and does not include display (booth) space.

Annual Conference Sponsorship: Annual Conference Sponsorship includes two (2) registrations and display (booth) space.


Conference Extra Guest Tickets: Unused extra guest tickets are fully refundable 


CAMU does not share your information with any third parties. Information obtained is for the exclusive use of CAMU in managing its memberships and conference attendance.  

Refunds & Shipping

Refund  Policy


Affiliated memberships for approved individuals or companies are not refundable. Registration fees received from parties who are denied membership into CAMU or our Annual Conference will be returned in full either electronically or by check. 

Annual conference registrations and sponsorships are refundable (less applicable payment processing fees) if cancelled no later than 10 days in advance of the event. Unused extra guest tickets are fully refundable (less applicable payment processing fees).

Shipping Policy

As CAMU does not ship physical products, please note that payment receipts suffice for proof of membership or meeting registration.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:


PO Box 549

Colorado Springs, CO 80901





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