Affiliated Vendor Memberships

Affiliated Membership in CAMU

Affiliated Membership in CAMU


CAMU's affiliated membership program affords vendors the opportunity to partner more closely with our municipal members and provides companies with unparalleled direct access to the municipal utility decision makers.  Building relationships with these utility managers can be very advantageous to firms looking to grow their business opportunities.


For only $250 per year, affiliated vendors are afforded the following membership benefits:


  • Advanced registration for CAMU's Annual Conference 

  • Access to CAMU's on-line membership directory

  • Your company information listed on our on-line vendor's directory

  • Your company logo prominently displayed on CAMU's website

Once you have submitted your information and payment, CAMU will e-mail you your password to access our membership directory


If you are unable to complete an on-line transaction or require an invoice to be e-mailed to you, please contact CAMU here

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